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What is Iridology?

The iris is the only part of the body where nerve fibers stem directly from the brain, so it can serve as a unique blueprint of a person's genetic makeup. The various pigments, markings or patterns of irides have been recorded for thousands of years, dating from the time of Hippocrates. When analyzed by an experienced practitioner, these patterns enable the identification of problematic areas of the body. The evaluation and treatment of these markings has become the domain of naturopathic practitioners, who systematically analyze the iris non invasively under magnification using an iris scope. The evaluation takes less than 1 hour. Practitioners then utilize herbs, vitamins and traditional healing methods to restore balance to the body's vital organs as needed. The color of your eyes is more than a genetic endowment; it is a system constantly in flux, changing subtly, which can be interpreted to determine your constitutional type as well as to identify crucial first signs of internal disturbance or imbalance.

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About Enitza Bionet, ND

Enitza Bionet was born near the rain forest of Puerto Rico. At an early age, natural health practices were introduced to her by her grandmother Maria Oyola, who was “The Village Healer”. At age 11, Enitza moved to Long Island, NY.


Today, Enitza inspires people to take charge of their health by providing a non-invasive system of healing and a variety of natural therapeutics as well as support and guidance at the center. Enitza has been in practice since 1996.


Stony Brook University, NY - B.A.
Dowling College, NY - M.A.
Academy of Natural Medicine Colombia - S.A.
New York Institute of Hypnotherapy - CH
New York Center for Iridology - A.C.I.
United Christian Fellowship (Illinois) - Theology Studies
Church of Inner Wisdom (Ohio) - Theology Studies

Volunteer Work


Enitza Bionet, ND

The Bayshore Holistic Center
The Scoliosis Foundation

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